Get Long Term Dry Eye Relief with a Breakthrough Treatment: LipiFlow!

  • FDA approved in-office, pain-free procedure
  • 85% of patients report significant relief within only one month
  • Wear your contacts with comfort again, no more drops
  • Clincally proven and treats the cause, not just the symptoms

We are proud to introduce a new, breakthrough treatment for patients who suffer from a form of Dry Eye disease. The new treatment is called LipiFlow and can provide from nine to in excess of thirty-six months of relief. What is unique about this technology is that it is a treatment, not just the short term relief that eye drops might provide.  The LipiFlow allows your body to produce the oils in tears that are lacking in many dry eye patients.

We have a Speed Questionnaire that might help evaluate if you might be a candidate. Please answer the questions and if your combined score for frequency and duration is six or greater you may be a candidate. Please discuss your findings with your eye doctor or contact us at 303.377.2020 to schedule a dry eye evaluation.  The evaluation is usually covered by insurance.  If the doctor believes you might benefit from the LipiFlow, then you will have a LipiView test. Again, this is a very easy and comfortable test, yet unfortunately insurance does not cover and the fee is $55 per eye.

The LipiFlow procedure is FDA approved yet so new that insurance companies will not cover it.  They consider the procedure to be elective.  The procedure, that feels like a warm massaging spa treatment, is $875 per eye. We have 24 month interest free financing, with approved credit and take credit cards.  While you might think this is expensive up front, consider the amount of money you spent on eye drops the last 12 months!  For many patients this procedure has been clinically shown to be effective for in excess of two years.

We are the first in Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska and New Mexico to offer this paradigm shift in the treatment of patients with moderate to severe evaporative dry eye disease. Please visit our website at for more information on Dry Eyes and the LipiFlow technology.  We hope to relieve your symptoms of dry eye that can include dryness, grittiness, soreness, redness, burning, eye fatigue and even headaches.  At four weeks after the LipiFlow treatment, 79% of patients reported improvement in dry eye symptoms.  If you don’t suffer from dry eye, please share this information with a friend or family member that does.  We might be able to help.


  1. Madison Street Company says:

    Here is a comment from one of our patients.
    I had LipiFlow done on my left eye (10/8). I only did one eye because I wanted to know if it would make a difference. The procedure was comfortable and actually relaxing. (I wish it took a little longer!) I can definitely tell the difference in my left eye versus the right. My right eye continues to feel dry, scratchy, and burning. My left eye does not. The unexpected result for me is that my left eye feels more open than the right. I guess I had not realized my symptom of eye fatigue prior to this. My left eye overall feels better. I am anxious to have LipiFlow on the right eye.

  2. Madison Street Company says:

    Here is another comment:
    Having had severe dry issues for almost 10 months, going through many tests.. different gels and eye drops.. plugs in tear ducts and no end in sight. The frustration and pain had taken me to not driving and wearing an eye patch most of the time.

    I was sent by my local eye Doctor to Omni Eye Specialists and they worked through several procedures and there was some improvement with Tear Serum, as my eyes no longer made my own tears or the eyes no longer released the oils from the eye lids which are needed for a healthy eye.

    I had read up on Lipiflow via Internet and articles from different magazines and in December 2012.. I was ready to try anything to help with the increasing pain.. eye with ulcers and being housebound.

    Lipiflow was done on my eyes on Jan 28th 2013 by Dr Thomas Cruse and his team and the success for me has been overwhelming.. I can see.. I can drive.. I have little or no pain.. and only use minimal eye drops daily. I think my eye’s are at least 90% or more improved since the procedure.. I cant thank Dr. Cruse and his team for this gift. I realize this is a very new procedure but would tell anyone who suffered as much as I to have it done.

    Thanks again Omni Eye Specialists and your great team.. My life is on the rebound.

    Eric M

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